We're very excited to share with you this collaboration between ourselves and Lou Graves (Gravelvet). Lou has hand painted the artwork for both boots.

Ruined Picnic (pink)

'For a long time I've had the idea in my head of a cute, idylic print that is actually dark when you look up close. The "ruined picnic" theme is one I've sketched out several times, always with fruit and sometimes cake covered in ants. I love the image of something that looks sugary sweet at first glance but isn't quite what it seems'

Skulls & Stripes (black)

'My inspiration for this design was pure self-indulgence. I'm a big believer in making yourself happy with your art.For these boots I wanted to make something that was just exactly what I would want to buy and wear! And the idea that other people will also be able to enjoy them makes me even happier.'


Please note: These boots are made to order and shipped directly from the factory. Postage is free but your order may take around 21 working days from production to delivery.

Lou Graves x Patisserie Pink - FREE postage

  • Canvas upper, vamp and heel cover
    Faux leather microfiber lining
    Rubber sole

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