A warming cup of tea!  This brooch is available in Earl Grey (green and lavender ripple glitter acrylic with ripple glitter brown 'tea') and Jasmine (pink ripple glitter acrylic with green ripple glitter 'tea')

Measuring approximately 7 by 4.5cms, each piece is back engraved with Patisserie Pink, Teacup, the colour and the issue number (for example 1/3)

Each have a layer of clear resin to increase shine and durability and are a limited 1st edition run of three per colour

Buyers are asked to be aware that all acrylic jewellery is complete handmade, and therefore there may be slight differences in the handpainted elements,  tiny bubbles in the resin and tiny join lines. We check each piece carefully before sending and consider these differences to pass our quality control.

This item will be sent in exclusive Patisserie Pink packaging 

Teacup brooch

    • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
    • Please put on any perfume or makeup etc before putting jewellery to minimise exposure
    • Acrylic by nature can be brittle, although all care is made to create a sturdy and lasting piece, please avoid dropping on hard surfaces 
    • Store out of direct sunlight when not being worn to prevent fading, warpage or disintergration of the glue
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